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Shaw - Chocolate Glazed Shrunken Bison



Bison leather features a rugged yet bright polished surface that is filled with a unique grain and texture. The term "shrunken" refers to a specific tanning process that causes the leather to shrink and become more dense, resulting in a stronger and more durable leather.       


  • Chocolate Glazed Shrunken Bison  
  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Built on the Wayne Last
  • Plain Toe 
  • Constrast thread
  • 7 Eyelets 
  • Antique Brass Hardware
  • Structured toe 
  • Leatherboard heel counter
  • Vibram Londra Sole
  • Made in Spain   

Please note that several sizes will be shipped from our Spain factory and may extend shipping times by an additional 3-4 business days. 

Each boot is crafted from authentic leather, which may exhibit minor scratches, blemishes, and non-uniform coloring. These are inherent traits of the natural material and its finishing. 

For sizing guidance, please refer to our sizing chart found here

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kenny Embry
Almost perfect

First of all, I love the boots, full stop. Kevin has designed a truly beautiful boot which is positioned directly between casual and dressy. I don't think any tannery does better with bison than Law Tannery, and this shows it.

So why not five stars? Two issues, and I'm not sure this is Kevin's problem or simply peculiar to my foot. The first is the fit. These boots have a great, almond shape to it. I wear a wide boot and I did size down to an 8.5 EE, and the volume was excellent...with the exception of my right fourth toe. It hurt. So, I got a boot stretcher from Amazon, and viola, no more problems. So...fixable. But understand these boots are definitely designed for a narrower foot, even in wider widths.

The second thing is peculiar to the Shaw. These really need speed hooks. The eyes on these boots are pretty small, which means you're limited to a thinner, fabric lace. Kevin does a great job giving good, strong laces. But even so, getting the boots off takes awhile, and a lot of loosening. Again, if you know, then you know these are not easy on/easy off boots.

What's great about these boots are the build quality and look. But or the boots I get from Kevin (and I have no doubt there will be more), speed hooks and perhaps counting on stretching them out are a must.

Also...I love where Kevin is sourcing his leathers. My other "go to" brand is Grant Stone, and if you're familiar with their quality, these are every bit as good. Very comparable.

If you like the boots, TALK TO KEVIN about sizing. Then just pull the trigger.


The boots appear to be well made but the leather thickness is on the thin side.

Michael N
Phenomenal boots

These are my first boots from Caswell and they exceed all my expectations. They're extremely well-built. The last is amazing as well. Combined with bison leather, the boots are casual but not bulky.