Law Tanning Visit

Diving into the world of leather tanning is not an opportunity that presents itself every day. During our time in Wisconsin, We were fortunate enough to get a glimpse behind the scenes. 

A Deep Dive into Law Tanning's Legacy

For over eight decades, Law Tanning Company has been at the forefront of producing unique variations of leather in the United States. The origins of Law Tanning trace back to 1936, with the Law family pioneering in tanning splits in Milwaukee, close to the company's current location. A decade later, the family expanded their expertise into grain tanning, establishing a facility in Cudahy, Wisconsin, in 1946. Although this particular operation ceased in 2008, the strategic pivot to focus solely on the Law Tanning operation marked a new era of growth and diversification in their offerings.

Today, Law Tanning boasts an impressive list of leathers, including full grain cow leather, both full grain and corrected grain steer, cowhide split and suede, alongside their notably unique American bison leather. The tannery doesn’t stop there; it also works with nubuck pig grain and possesses the capabilities to handle exotic materials such as elk, deer, and kangaroo. This rich variety is housed under one expansive roof in downtown Milwaukee. 

First Impressions and Discoveries

Upon entering the Law Tanning facility, the initial view doesn't do enough justice to  the extensive operations happening within. It's only as you begin to walk through the tannery that the vastness and scale of their operations become apparent. Leather, in all its various stages of tannage, surrounds you, providing a tangible sense of the company's breadth and capacity.

Our visit, timed towards the close of business on a Friday, allowed us to walkthrough the full tannery uninterrupted. The quieter moments allowed us to capture striking images of the works in progress, each piece narrating a part of Law Tanning's meticulous process. From the raw hides awaiting their transformation to the final polished products, every step in their journey speaks to the expertise and attention to detail that Law Tanning prides itself on.

This behind-the-scenes glimpse into Law Tanning’s operations was not just a tour; it was an education on the dedication and innovation that has sustained this company through the years. The variety of leathers, each with its own unique properties and uses, highlighted the nuanced skill involved in leather tanning. The American bison leather, in particular, stood out for its distinctive texture and durability, a product of Law Tanning's specialized focus and a symbol of their commitment to quality and uniqueness in the industry.