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Lisbon - Grizzly Cattail

$254.96 $339.95

Lisbon Service Boot in Grizzly Cattail. Cattail contains a variety of red shades, all of which have brown and ginger undertones and range from light to dark. This waxed leather has a distinct pull-up and bright polished surface. Cattail contains natural patterns that are unique with each hide. Made in Spain.          

For sizing guidance, please refer to our sizing chart found here

Each boot is crafted from authentic leather, which may exhibit minor scratches, blemishes, and non-uniform coloring. These are inherent traits of the natural material and its finishing. 



Construction Goodyear welted construction 
Leather  Grizzly Cattail - Seidel Tanning 
Sole  Vibram Londra
Insole  Vegetable Tanned Leather 
Lining  Full Grain Calf 
Last  Wayne 
Width  D
Style Number 29869



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
M. Timble
These boots are off the hook AWESOME!

Purchasing boots from an online store is a bit uncomfortable to me.

Photos can be deceiving, getting the proper size is a concern, etc.

However, the process with Caswell was GREAT!

After bugging Kevin (the owner) with a lot of dumb questions, I was able to make a purchase. When the pair of Lisbon Grizzly Cattail boots came I was very, VERY impressed. A BEAUTIFUL pair of boots.

The photos of the contrast stitching on the website had really intrigued me and the boots in person did not disappoint. Really gorgeous boots.

The leather is supple, has great texture and is just beautiful. I was looking for a reddish hue of leather, but have been intimidated by some of the burgundy colored leather boots out there that seem too bright or too red. The Cattail Grizzly leather's reddish overtones are not too overpowering. It's a VERY classy color.

But, not only aesthetically pleasing, these boots were super comfortable right out of the box. Great support around the heel and just comfy to walk in.

I'm sure they still need a bit of a break in, but I'm unsure how they can get even more comfortable.

I wasn't familiar with the style of Vibram rubber tread this boot has, but it's nice and grippy. I'd almost say it puts a little bounce in your step as you walk--at least compared to other boots I have.

I purchased these boots mainly to go attend church on Sundays and for more dressy occasions. But, after wearing them around this past Sunday, I think I'm going to have to wear them a lot more than just once a week.

Overall, I'm super happy with the purchase and will purchase more pairs in the future.

The customer service from Kevin was outstanding. Kevin was super helpful and very quick to respond. As a small business owner who takes pride in our company's customer service, I REALLY appreciated the excellent customer service from Caswell.

One suggestion. I get the impression the company may discontinue to the Lisbon and/or the Lisbon II in black leather. Or at least the Lisbon's in black leather with the contrast stitching.

I hope I am mistaken and this is not the case. The black with the contrast stitching looks freaking awesome. That particular style was originally my first choice but was out of stock. If it comes back, I hope to purchase a pair--after I save up some money.

Thanks again for the great boots!


Overall A Great Boot

Really impressive. Great choices by the designers. With leather from Seidel and an outsole from Vibram, it shows the maker is committed to making a quality product. Even things I wasn’t sure about such as the contrast stitching on the upper and the heel counter have grown on me. A bit of a narrow fit though in the D width. Not enough to make the boot unwearable but it does rub at the widest part of my forefoot on the outside. I think these are an excellent bet overall for the price.

aschui H.
Fantastic Boots all around

I picked these Lisbon because they checked all the boxes for me: 360 split welts, sleek last, great leather (Grizzly Cattail), and hidden lug soles. But when I received the boots, I was even more impressed by the fit and the finish. They were immediately comfortable on my feet. I wear 9.5D for Allen Edmonds shoes and 9D for Alden 403. These Caswell Lisbon 9.5D fit me perfectly. These will be a very close race in my fastest-to-break-in shoes (the first being the Alden 403). I got these as seconds with a discount. But, wow, if this is seconds, I think you don't need to think twice to pay the full price for any of Caswell's collections. One more thing, Kevin is super responsive in his communication. I even got a handwritten thank you note in the box. How cool is that!

Fernando A.
Great Quality Boots

I just got mine and I definitely was impressed. The leather, the welt, the stitching are just perfect. Very comfortable from the beginning. And the size, just perfect! Go with your true size. In comparison from another brands they are toe to toe with Grant Stone. And the customer service from Kevin is just top notch. You definitely need this one on your collection.

Colin C
These are impeccable!

I started my journey for my first pair of quality boots just a few months ago. The information that I came away with was overwhelming. Lasts, welts, leathers, price points, just a ton of things to consider. I ended up torn between buying a decent entry level pair and feeling it out, or just going all in on a top of the line heritage brand. Then I came across Caswell. They seemed to be offering the best of both worlds. Quality craftsmanship and leather from some of the most reputable tanneries, but at a great price. So I reached out. My email was about the sizing, but what really sold me on pulling the trigger is that I got a response from Kevin, the owner himself, in no more than 20 minutes. I just got these boots in the mail and I'm blown away. They are a work of art. They fit like a glove and there isn't a single stitch out of place. Not only are the boots quality, but the packaging is pristine as well, all the way down to a handwritten thank you card. This is a company owned by someone that is passionate about it, and it shows. This will most definitely not be my last purchase here. Thank you Kevin!